10 Secrets to Improve the Results of Your Next Advertising Campaign

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Are you interested in improving the results of your next advertising or marketing campaign? If you work at an advertising agency or digital marketing firm, or if you're a marketing director at a large corporation, then keep reading. We've done some research about consumer behavior that should be of help to you. And we've distilled our research down into 10 secrets outlined below that can help you improve the ROI of your next advertising or digital marketing campaign. Ready to dive in? … [Read more...]

Laying the Foundation for A Successful Mobile Marketing Strategy

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If you work at an advertising agency, digital marketing agency or as a marketing director at a corporation, you may have come across our post from a few days ago called How to Think Strategically About Social Media. That post proved so popular that I thought it might be a good idea to upload a similar post that outlines how to think strategically about mobile marketing. The following is an excerpt from my #1 Amazon best-selling book called Go Mobile, which I wrote with Jeanne Hopkins, who … [Read more...]

How to Think Strategically About Social Media

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When I first sat down to write How to Make Money with Social Media with Dr. Reshma Shah from Emory University, we agreed that one of the biggest challenges advertising agencies, digital marketing firms and marketing directors have with their social media campaigns is that they think tactically first and strategically second. This, of course, is backwards. A good social media campaign starts by laying out objectives, which is followed by strategy, then tactics, then an executional … [Read more...]

Research on the Impact Advertising Has on Sales and Revenues

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Does advertising work? That's a question many people who are looking for an advertising agency or digital marketing firm ask themselves. The answer is ... well, sort of. The truth about advertising is that some of it works and some of it falls flat. But just because your advertising or digital marketing campaign didn't have an immediate impact on sales doesn't mean that the campaign was a failure. In fact, research conducted several years ago by the Information Resources Institute (IRI) … [Read more...]

Top 5 Social Media Analytics Tools for Advertising Agencies and Marketing Directors

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If you work at an advertising agency or are a marketing director for a large corporation, you're probably interested in finding the best social media analytics tools to help you run your business. There are a wide variety of social media tools out there, some of which are terrific and others of which are not so good. We use a variety of good tools to help run marketing campaigns for our clients, and have learned a few things about which ones are the best and which ones are worth … [Read more...]

The Future of Advertising and Advertising Agencies in Atlanta

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If you're conducting a search for advertising agencies in Atlanta, there's something you should know -- advertising and marketing have changed a great deal over the past several decades. During the 1960s, widely considered the glory days of advertising and marketing, the list of marketing tactics available to most businesses was pretty straightforward. Let's take a look. Here's a list of advertising and marketing tactics available to marketing directors during the … [Read more...]

25 Amazing Facts About Marketing That Every Business Person Should Know

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If you're searching for an Atlanta-based advertising agency or marketing communications firm, you're probably also interested in facts and figures about digital marketing. Well, you're in luck. What follows are 25 amazing facts about digital marketing that every marketer should know, whether they're based in Atlanta, Georgia or anywhere else in the country. Ready? Terrific. Here goes: 75% of Americans bring their phones to the bathroom (11 Mark) … [Read more...]